The MSEI degree program will help you exploring transformational games, interactive storytelling, innovation by design, and learning and media.

The EIC is a 4-semester professional graduate program with defined curriculum choices and a capstone project. The first semester consists of core courses that will lay a firm foundation for students before start working on the Interdisciplinary Project. After that, students will have an opportunity to choose elective courses based on their interests

Core courses

Fundamentals of the Eic

9 units

Focus on learning skills that develop leadership, teamwork, innovation, and positive social impact. Throughout the semester, EIC faculty and industry professionals will provide historical context for entertainment technology. Students have the opportunity to begin shaping their professional networks, gain a sense of their field, and establish a fundamental understanding of how experiences engage and inform.

Improvisational Acting

9 units

The EIC's "special sauce." Taught concurrently with Building Virtual Worlds, Improvisational Acting fosters team building, exercises spontaneity, sharpens focus, and increases listening skills. Students learn to solve problems on the fly, build from scratch, stretch their imaginations, overcome inhibitions when communicating publicly, and working with others.

Visual Storytelling

12 units

A semester-long class that is taught simultaneously with Building Virtual Worlds. Students work in teams to write, produce, shoot and edit several visual story assignments. This class teaches essential skills for becoming a creative technological storytelling – how to think visually and aurally, as well as aspects of mine-en-scene, classical continuity-style coverage, trans media, and temporal and spatial montage theory.

Building virtual worlds

24 units

Create a new world in just two weeks. Modeling our class after the groundbreaking ETC course by co-founder Randy Pausch, Building Virtual Worlds (BVW) challenges students to work quickly, creatively and collaboratively. Part of the immersion semester, BVW gives small teams of students two weeks to create a virtual world and/or explore productions and projects in various mediums in entertainment. It all culminates in a public festival to hundreds of spectators – and an incredible sense of accomplishment. In fact, many BVW ideas go on to become full-time research projects, student spin-offs and commercial successes.

Interdisciplinary Project

36 units per semester

The central part of the EIC curriculum is the project course. Students will get an opportunity to be in small and interdisciplinary teams, developing interactive projects. This is also a great opportunity to work with partners and sponsors who are among the top in the industries

EIC Projects occur in 3 ways:
  • Client Sponsored – in which an external group supports a project on which an EIC team will work.
  • EIC Research – in which a faculty member has a research idea on which an EIC team can work.
  • Student Pitch – in which a group of students go through the EIC pitch process and get approved.

elective courses

To cover a range of areas of interdisciplinary project work that students may be interested in, we offer tons of elective courses to equip students with what they might need.


• 3D Art and Audio Pipeline for Game Development with Unity
• Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation with Maya
• Introduction to 3D Printing
• Introduction to VR/AR/MR
• Introduction to Unity
• Introduction to IoT with Arduino and Raspberry Pi
• Software Development Processes and Methodologies

Business and management

• Business of Gaming
• Influencer Marketing Strategy
• Introduction to New Product Development
• Legal Affairs in Entertainment
• Marketing Digital Media
• Media Distribution Channel
• Project Management


• Creative Producing
• Introduction to 360 Spatial Audio Production
• Introduction to E-sports
• Music Royalty, Music Streaming: How It Works
• Principles of Copywriting
• Producing Podcasts
• Production Management
• Technical Direction in Live Entertainment

Design and Technology

• Branded Entertainment
• Introduction to UX/UI Design
• Introduction to Interaction Design and Experiential Design
• Introduction to Human-centered Design
• Introduction to Motion Graphic
• Storytelling with Data

The heart of the program is learn, work and play. We focus on communication and collaboration, challenging students to learn about leadership, teamwork, innovation and positive social impact. To explore more about the EIC's unique curriculum:
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