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Elective Courses

Take elective courses in Programming, Design/Technology, Entertainment, and Business/Management.

Every student beyond their first semester is required to take a total of 24 units of elective courses as a part of their MSTCI degree requirements and is usually recommended to plan to take 1-2 electives (6-12 units) during Fall and Spring semesters. See sample schedule on MSTCI Curriculum page.

To cover a range of areas of interdisciplinary project work that students may be interested in, different elective courses are offered in different semesters based on instructors’ availability. Up to 3-4 Elective Courses may be offered per semester for students to choose based on their interests — whether it is a concentration in Programming, Business/Management, Entertainment, or Design/Technology. Electives may be offered as a regular course (9 units) or mini course (6 units).


• 3D Art and Audio Pipeline for Game Development with Unity
• Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation with Maya
• Introduction to 3D Printing
• Introduction to VR/AR/MR
• Introduction to Unity
• Introduction to IoT with Arduino and Raspberry Pi
• Software Development Processes and Methodologies

Business and management

• Business of Gaming
• Influencer Marketing Strategy
• Introduction to New Product Development
• Legal Affairs in Entertainment
• Marketing Digital Media
• Media Distribution Channel
• Project Management


• Creative Producing
• Introduction to 360 Spatial Audio Production
• Introduction to E-sports
• Music Royalty, Music Streaming: How It Works
• Principles of Copywriting
• Producing Podcasts
• Production Management
• Technical Direction in Live Entertainment

Design and Technology

• Branded Entertainment
• Introduction to UX/UI Design
• Introduction to Interaction Design and Experiential Design
• Introduction to Human-centered Design
• Introduction to Motion Graphic
• Storytelling with Data

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